Don’t get lost in translation! Our academic translators and editors offer subject-specific expertise and superior editing skills to ensure that your manuscript accurately conveys every nuance of your research in perfect scientific English to a global audience.
Translation with Editing
We offer subject-specific translation with English Editing for the following language pairs.
  • Traditional and Simplified Chinese to English
  • Japanese to English
  • Spanish to English
  • Brazilian Portuguese to English
  • Korean to English
  • Turkish to English
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(Please note that the use of this service does not guarantee acceptance in ASCE journals.)

How It Works?

A translator translated the manuscript content from your local language into academic English language, focusing on the subject-area conventions and technical terminology.

A bilingual reviewer checks the accuracy of the translation and ensures that the original meaning is correctly conveyed.

An experienced editor edits the manuscript for grammar, punctuation, formatting, language style, fluency and clarity.

A senior reviewer does a final check to confirm that all your requirements have been met before sharing the final submission-ready file to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We translate all language pairs. The most popular language pairs we support are: Traditional and Simplified Chinese to English, Japanese to English, Spanish to English, Brazilian Portuguese to English, Korean to English, Turkish to English. If you need translation for languages not mentioned here, please email us and rest assured that we will help you with your requirement.

A bilingual translator with subject matter experience in your subject area will translate your manuscript.

We guarantee that the quality of English in all documents translated and edited by Editage will meet the standards required by international journals. In the rare event that a manuscript translated or edited by us receives unfavourable comments from a journal for the quality of English, we will re-translate and/or re-edit your manuscript for free, provided our translator’s and editor's notes and comments were addressed, and no major changes were made to the manuscript before submission.

Editage offers a free question and answer post-sales service, where authors can query their translators or editors for specific changes. Our translators and editors will ensure that each query is responded to thoroughly and professionally; Re-translation, which includes free re-editing, is available at a 60% discount to Editage’s customers; However, as mentioned in our quality guarantee, we will re-translate and re-edit a manuscript for free if our work attracts negative comments for language from your target journal, and no major changes were made to our translated and edited version of your manuscript.